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Don't just change your eating patterns, change your LIFE

Personalized Nutrition Packages:

These specialized plans are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. My goal is to help you build a healthier body from the inside out by establishing healthy eating patterns to sustain your goals for a lifetime.   

 "START UP": 3 Sessions - 1 initial visit + 2 follow up visits

"APPETITE FOR CHANGE": 5 Sessions - 1 initial visit + 4 follow up visits 

"DONE WITH DIETING" : 6 Sessions - 1 initial visit + 5 follow up visits + BONUS grocery store tour

Packages include: 

  • A complete nutrition assessment (including: evaluation of appetite and intake, review of medical history and nutrition related blood work, evaluation of body mass index, estimation of nutrient needs, analysis of diet diary/diet recall)
  • Nutrition Education
  • Personalized Goal Setting
  • Development of Nutrition Plan for Implementation
  • Follow up and Monitoring for Continued Progress toward Goals 
  • Unlimited support via email

For the convenience of our clients Greens & Grains Nutrition packages are available in person, by phone, or virtually. 

Additional Nutrition Services  

    • Cooperate Speaking/Wellness Programs - Cooperate wellness program goals are to promote an environment of health in your workplace while improving the mental performance and healthcare cost. Programs vary and can include incentive based challenges,  "lunch and learn" sessions, meal planning, grocery store tours, nutrition assessments, and question/answer sessions. Contact me today to set up a free phone consult to discuss the best strategy for the success of your facility.

    • Friends, Family, or Group Sessions- Group and family sessions are a great way to share your nutrition journey with friends and family members.

    • Grocery Store Tours- Grocery shopping can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive if you don't have a plan. During a grocery store tour you will learn to navigate the grocery store with confidence and efficiency while maximizing your budget. Available to individuals or groups. 

    • Active Learn- Individual or group. Maximize your time with an active nutrition education session. We will meet and while exercising (walk, hike, etc) and I will educate you on the topic of your choice. 

    • Meal Planning - Includes personalized meal plan and  30 minute phone consult (we will discuss food preferences, meal schedules, and lifestyle). Prices vary based on meals request (minimum 1 week). 

    • Individual Nutrition Sessions - single sessions are available for purchase.  

*All packages expire 12 months after purchase* 

LETS GET STARTED- Contact Laura Lomax, MS, RDN, LD at or 210-859-9685

Disclaimer: Dietary recommendations vary based on individual needs and medical history. Always discuss changes with your medical team prior to making changes in your diet. Information provided is not meant to replace medical advice.