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laura lomax

Hi everyone my name is Laura Lomax- I’m a mom, dietitian, and have ulcerative colitis. I believe there is an undeniable correlation between the foods we put in our body and how we feel. This goes for everyone not just those of us with IBD. When it comes to dietary strategies and IBD there is no simple one size fits all approach, but this doesn’t discount the importance of good nutrition! So many factors can affect food choices including disease activity, disease location, nutrient deficiencies, personal preference, and of course how we are feeling.

Here you will find simple, healthy, and tasty recipes that fit regardless of any dietary restrictions you may follow. Recipes are labeled with the common restrictions followed with IBD such as diary free, FODMAP friendly, gluten free, low residue, and soluble fiber friendly to name a few. So even though IBD is no F-U-N, I hope to provide you with nutrition tips and of course some laughs along the way.