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Meal Prep - 8 Meals in Under an Hour

laura lomax


If you have been considering meal prepping, but not sure where to start this meal prep is a great place to start. It uses simple cooking methods and allows for clean up during the prep and is complete in 1 hour! 

4- Roasted sweet potatoes + 96/4 lean ground beef + fresh fruit + low fat string cheese

4- Shelled edamame + roasted cauliflower + fresh fruit + low fat string cheese

Each meal served with sliced strawberries, green grapes, or Cutie and a low fat string cheese. 

Here's What you Need:


1.25 pounds lean ground beef 96/4

4 sweet potatoes 

1 head of cauliflower 

1 box fresh strawberries 

1 pound fresh grapes 

12 oz bag frozen shelled Edamame 

8 Low fat string cheese 

Olive oil 

Salt and pepper 

Optional: Dried seasonings of your choice such as garlic powder, Mrs. Dash, McCormick Seasonings, etc. 

Storage and Cooking Utensils:

8 single serving plastic or glass meal containers 

8 single serve plastic or glass containers 

2 large baking sheets 

1 medium non stick skillet


meal prep jan.jpg



1. Preheat the oven to 415 degrees. Line 2 large baking sheets with foil.

2. While oven is preheating wash potatoes and cauliflower. Peal potatoes (optional) and cut into cubes. Place sweet potatoes on foil lined baking sheet in a mound and add 2-3 Tbsp olive oil and toss to cover all potatoes. Once olive oil is mixed and evenly distributed season with salt and pepper and spread out in a single layer on the baking sheet. Repeat with the cauliflower. Place both in preheated oven to cook. Typically the cauliflower will cook in ~ 15 minutes and the sweet potatoes in ~ 20-25 minutes.  



3. While the vegetables are roasting cook the lean ground beef on low to medium heat in a medium skillet. Break the ground beef into even pieces to ensure even cooking. While the beef is cooking begin washing the fruit. When ground beef is done cooking (all pink is gone and reaches the appropriate internal temperature) lightly season with pepper or seasoning of your choice. Remove from heat and allow to cool. 

4. Cut the strawberries and portion fruit in single portion containers. Microwave frozen edamame as directed on the bag (usually steams in bag or in microwave safe bowl for 1-4 minutes). Allow to cool and drizzle with 2 tsp. olive oil and seasoning of your choice. Likely potatoes are ready to be removed from oven (ready when fork pierces gently through the potato). While potatoes are cooling begin cleaning dishes used and your work area. 

5. Assemble meals in single serve containers and clean reminder of the dishes and you are ready for the week in under one hour! 

* During meal prep you may also have time to begin clean up in step 3 since only the strawberries needed cutting and the grapes were just removed from their stems* 

Time saving tip: 

- Use apples, oranges, bananas, or applesauce for your fruit option to eliminate chopping fruit and allow more time for clean up.