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laura lomax

soup cheese.jpg

Potato Leek Soup

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Total time: 45 minutes

3 Leeks, cleaned and chopped                                                4 cups vegetable stock

1 White Onion, chopped                                                             1 cup of water

3 Cloves of garlic, chopped                                                       Salt & pepper to taste

6 Potatoes, peeled and sliced                                                                   

3 Tbsp.olive oil

2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese sprinkled as garnish (optional garnish)


Clean and chop onion, garlic, and leeks. Place butter in large cooking pot then add onion, garlic, and leeks. Saute for ~ 5 minutes. While sauteing peel potatoes (I usually cut my potatoes into quarters to help cook faster). Add broth, water, and bring to a boil. Once boiling add potatoes. Cover and cook until potatoes are soft. Remove from heat. Puree to desired consistency with immersion blender. I sometimes get carried away with my immersion blender and puree a bit too thin, if this happens I toss in 1 Tbsp. of flour which thickens the soup up nicely). Garnish with cheese ( optional).

*This recipe can also easily be turned vegan by ditching the cheese garnish *

This recipe is great to freeze in single serve freezer bags or glass storage bowls.


A delicious vegetarian dish that works well as starter or main dish.

Chicken, Vegetable, and Gnocchi Soup

laura lomax

gnocchi soup.jpg

Prep time: 15 minutes                 Cook Time: 25 minutes          Total time: 40 minutes 

Yields: 9 servings (serving size 1.5 cup) 


2 pounds chicken breast tenders, cubed

17.6 oz package of Gnocchi 

8 cups low sodium chicken broth 

1 bundle of spinach, washed  

16 oz bag sliced carrots

6 cloves of Garlic, chopped 

1 white onion

2 tbsp. Olive oil    



1 package Gnocchi 

1 pound chicken 

 Add chopped onions, garlic, and 8 ounce sliced carrots into large stock pot. Add 2 tbsp. olive oil and turn heat to medium. Saute for about 5 minutes or until the onions are translucent.  Next add in 8 cups low sodium chicken broth and 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil. 

soup ing.jpg


While waiting for the soup to boil season the chicken with salt and pepper. Heat 1-2 tbsp olive oil in saute pan over medium heat. Add the chicken to the skillet and cook for ~4 minutes then stir and flip to the other side and cook for an additional ~4 minutes or until chicken is cooked thoroughly (internal temperature reaches 165 degrees). 

Add the cooked chicken and its cooking juices to the boiling soup.  Gently add in the gnocchi and spinach. Once gnocchi floats the soup is complete. 

soup 2.jpg

Shredded turkey and black bean soup

laura lomax

This shredded turkey and black bean soup is a perfect change of pace for those turkey leftovers!

This shredded turkey and black bean soup is a perfect change of pace for those turkey leftovers!

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total cook time: 50 minutes


2 cups chicken stock or turkey stock

2 cups cooked shredded turkey

15 oz. (1 can) low sodium black beans, drained and lightly rinsed

16 oz. no added salt tomato sauce

1 tomato, chopped

1 onion, chopped

4 cloves garlic, chopped

1 cup carrots, chopped

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 1/2 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. chili powder

1 tsp. salt


In a large saucepan on medium heat sauté the onions, garlic, and carrots in the olive oil. Cook for ~ 5 minutes or until the onions are translucent and become fragrant. Add the chicken stock, tomato sauce, tomato, cumin, chili powder, and salt. Toss in the cooked turkey and beans. Stir well to combine all ingredients. Bring to a simmer, cover, and cook for 35 minutes. Ladle into bowls and enjoy!   

Beans & Greens Soup with Ham

laura lomax


This Beans & Greens soup with Ham is a great meal to prepare in bulk and enjoy as the weather cools. The soup features pinto beans, collard greens, and mustard greens, turnip greens all filled with flavor from the ham bone. 

Makes 7 - 2 cup servings 

Prep Time: Overnight bean soak 8 hours + 15 minute prep. 

Cook Time: 5 hours (can be completed stove top or crock pot)


1 Bag Pinto beans

1 large onion, chopped 

1 Ham Bone

1 Bay leaf 

2-3 tsp. salt

1 tsp pepper (or to taste)

8 oz Bag Combo Greens (collard, mustard, and turnip) or any combo of these greens per your preference

 10 cups water 


Soak beans overnight or with quick soak method. Before each method sort and rinse beans.  For the quick soak: Boil ~ 8-10 cups of water then add beans. Allow beans to boil for ~ 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let soak for 1 hour. Drain beans and rinse under fresh water. For overnight method: Add the beans to ~8-10 cups of water and allow to soak overnight. In the morning drain water and rinse beans. Soaked beans are now ready to be prepared*

In a large pot add soaked beans, ham bone, onions, bay leaf, salt, pepper, and water. Bring to boil then reduce heat to low and allow to cook stirring periodically.  Cook the soup on a low heat for 4 hours before adding the greens for the last hour of cooking. The soup is done once it cooks for a total 5 hours. When the soup is complete remove the ham bone. Allow to cool then remove the excess meat from the bone and add to the soup.

 If freezing, separate into single serve portions to cool quicker. Once cooled seal in air tight containers or freezer bags, date, label, and place in freezer.

* Short on time the recipe also works perfect in a crock pot*  


Black Bean Soup

laura lomax

Servings: 4

Serving Size: 1 1/4 cup 

Total Time: 35 minutes 



2 tbsp. olive oil 

1 white onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped 

3.5 cups cooked black beans or 2 (15 ounce) cans no salt added black beans 

1 cup water 

1/3 cup Siggi's Plain Yogurt 

1 tsp cumin 

1/2 tsp. salt 


1/4 cup chopped cilantro 

1/4 cup Siggi's Plain Yogurt 

1 small Avocado, cubed 

1 Lime, quartered


Heat olive oil over medium heat in a medium to large pot. Next add the chopped onions and garlic. Let cook for ~ 5 minutes or until the onions become fragrant and translucent. Add the black beans, cumin, salt, water, and yogurt. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and allow to cook covered for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Using an immersion blender (or other blender of your choice) puree the soup to a smooth consistency. 

Garnish with 2 tbsp. Siggi's plain yogurt, 1 tbsp. chopped cilantro, and avocado cubes. Top with a squeeze of fresh lime juice for a boost of flavor.